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British Science Week

We will be conducting some very exciting experiments with the children this week in the
interest of science. We will be starting off today with a dissolving experiment using
vitamin tablets and water. We will be looking at how quickly the tablets dissolve, and then
investigating to see if a pink tablet dissolves quicker than an orange one, or if tablets
dissolve quicker in warm water instead of cold (Area of Learning: Uses talk to connect
ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next/uses a variety of
questions from Communication and Language).

Wednesday morning Orchard Day!
In the orchard we are going to be experimenting with three different soil samples. We
will be looking to see if they need more or less water to make dissolve, which sample
dissolves the quickest and what happens to the mixture over time (Area of Learning: Looks
closely at patterns and change/notices detailed features of objects in their environment
from Understanding the World).

Wednesday afternoon: Outdoor play / Mud painting: initial letters.

Thursday morning
We are going to have a very exciting experiment today. The children will be following
instructions to combine different ingredients in order to make some . . . slime! We will be
challenging the afternoon children to think of words starting with the “s” sound to
describe their slime (Area of Learning: Single channelled attention/Is able to follow
directions from Communication and Language).

Thursday afternoon: Outdoor play /Letters & Sounds: initial sounds / Numeracy: days
of the week.

Today we are going to be making some rainbow foam and watching what happens when we
add different ingredients and colours. We will be asking the children what they think is
going to happen and what colours they think we might make (Area of Learning: Beginning to
be interested in and describe textures/ Understands that different media can be
combined to create new effects from Expressive Arts and Design).

Friday afternoon: Outdoor play / Using musical instruments to create simple rythms.


The playgroup will need to elect a new Chair, Secretary and
Treasurer in September. Caitlin, Victoria and Angela will be
more than happy to meet up with anyone who would like to know
more about any of these roles. Please let Nicola know if you are
interested. Without a committee, there will not be a playgroup
so please help.

Don’t forget we are now open from 8.30am every morning, and will be
open until 3pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Some parents
have already arranged for their children to start earlier or stay later.
Speak to Nicola or email her if you would like to change your child’s

To bring a pair of shoes for your child to wear in the hall instead of muddy wellies.

We are still missing quite a few assessments handed out before Christmas. Please
return a signed copy for our records. Nicola or Jade will be happy to arrange
individual meetings if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Every year we ask our parents for feedback on a variety of measures, including communication. In line with our feedback from last academic year, we're endeavouring to improve the transparency between home and playgroup so that you can keep track of your child's learning and sensory experiences.

Each week we now make our playgroup planning available to parents and carers. As well as receiving an email notification, the information is updated on the website, the FaceBook page, and our secret group for current parents and carers. We hope this will help you to enrich your child's learning at home!



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