Our committee

The Playgroup is a registered charity, owned by the parents of the children in attendance. While the day-to-day running of the sessions is left in the very capabale hands of our experienced staff, the committee conducts the general management of the Playgroup, and works hard behind the scenes at fundraising and organising events. 


Our playgroup is dependent upon the voluntary support of the parents, carers, friends and relatives of the children who come to our sessions, and we hope very much that everyone will get involved in some way. All contributions, however large or small, are always very gratefully received to keep the playgroup thriving and the children busy, happy, and learning! We are very lucky to have a fabulous group of local volunteers who donate their time and knowledge to our cause, supporting the staff on trips around the village, or popping in to tell stories or teach the children in the garden. If this is something you could do, please contact us!

Our committee have monthly meetings throughout the academic year, and you are very welcome to join us and find out what we are all about! Each September we hold an AGM in which we elect new officers to the roles required to run the playgroup. This year's committee as voted in on September 20th 2017 can be found below.

Key roles: September 2018-September 2019







Ofsted rep'  





Clare Williams (Trustee)

Annie Elvidge (Trustee)

Sophie Stewart 

Jade Coates

Lizzie Coburn

Anna Summers





Carol Francis (Trustee)



Kate Easy (co-opted)

Tania McCallum

Josh Turner (Trustee)

Alex Amos


If you have any queries about the committee, or would like to volunteer in some way, please contact our chair on clarewilliams@freeuk.com

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