Parent Weekly Letter


I am looking out at all the snow that is still covering my garden and the fields opposite my house as I type this, and hope you have had lots of fun playing outside with your children.


We recorded lots of feathered visitors to our feeding station on our chart, and Michele has suggested that we take part in the Great Britain Bird Watch at the end of the month. It would be brilliant if the children could do too, especially as you now have a lovely feeder in your garden.  See the link below:

The children enjoyed playing Bird Snap! and are getting faster at recognising matching pairs.  Most of the older children can now pick out two objects that sound the same from a group (i.e. fish and dish, pear and bear, etc.) so please tell them about any pairs you may think of.



The children have had a lot to contend with during the pandemic with disruptions to their routines, going without seeing relatives or friends or even being poorly themselves.  We will be devoting this week to helping them to recognise and name emotions and talk about what we can do to help ourselves feel better by exploring characters in stories such as “Owl Babies”, “The New Pony” and “Goldilocks”, and using different media to help them recognise emotions (cartoon faces, playdough and music).

Letters & Sounds: We will be playing “Silly Soup”.  All the ingredients for our big soup pot must sound the same!


Please return a completed funding form and a signed copy of your child’s report in an envelope addressed to the playgroup for our records.  Phone or email Nicola if you would like to speak to her or Michele about any concerns.


Please remember to keep children at home and seek a test by calling NHS 119 if they or any other member of the family develops symptoms of coronavirus, i.e. a new, continuous cough; a high temperature or changes to their sense of smell or taste.



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